17 Dec 2015

Atelier Amo Lusso

Najdraže moje, čast mi je da Vam predstavim novo otvoreni Atelier Amo Lusso
Sve buduće mlade, kume, mame, svekrve i maturantkinje, biće u mogućnosti da se obuku od glave do pete i da iskoriste besplatne savete, koje ću ja davati u vezi šminke, frizure i celokupnog stajlinga. Ovo je za mene ostvarenje jednog sna a uskoro vas očekuje još iznenđenja.

Sa vama delim par fotografija koje su urađene u ekskluzivnom prostoru ateljea Amo Lusso. Mila, Ana, Teodora i ja smo se ludo zabavljale slikajući editorijal za Atelier Amo Lusso.

KOLEKCIJA VENČANICA 2015/2016       


We were wearing dresses from:
Atelier Amo Lusso - book appointment - +391 62 220 250
Models Ana, Mila, Teodora, Lili

24 Nov 2015

Olive green

Hi lovelies, how are you?
I wanted to show this combo before but I was super busy around Atelier Amo Lusso.
Yes, it's officially opened :)
In this post I've selected Waggon Paris dress i olive and an old gold colored neklace from Happiness boutique. How do you like it?
Ćao drage moje kako ste?
Već neko vreme želim da vam pokažem ovaj outfit ali sam bila jako zauzeta oko pripremanja ateljea Amo Lusso. Daa, otvoren je :)
U ovom postu sam se opredelila za maslinastu haljinu iz radnje Waggon Paris, i ogrlicu u boji starog zlata iz Happiness Boutique-a. Kako vams e sviđaju?

Do seldećeg posta ;)
Waggon Paris olive dress

Happiness boutique neklace
I was wearing:
Waggon Paris dress,
Christian Louboutin heels,
Mini Celine bag

Ph by Marija Andrić

Thanks for coming by lovelies. Feel free to contact me any time at amolusso@yahoo.com if you want to ask me something. I'll always answer your questions. *comments on blog are disabled

18 Oct 2015

VR Boho style

Hey lovelies! Long time, no see. Did I missed you here on blog?
If you follow me on Instagram then you've already seen this outfit. Let me concentrate myself here on this blue, boho, fringe and fur thing in which I'm all wrapped around. 
Can you spot the all incredible things that are happening here? Well, Verica Rakočević did, with her eyes and designer vision. She created iconic look and I went mad about it! 
Congratualtions VR the great again for making such a great fall/winter collection, the world is proud to have you!
Stay awsome as you are, and don't stop showing it to us! Just to mention, I'll be back for more boho style! <3 p="">
(serbian translation bellow picture)

Swingin' and Fringin' 
Ćao drage moje, odavno se nismo videle! Jel sam vam nedostajala tu na blogu?
Ako me pratite na Instagramu sigurno ste već videli ovaj outfit.
Dozvolite mi da se skoncetrišem na par stavki ovde - plavo, boho, rese i krzno. Obavijena sam od glave do pete u njima istovremeno. A ko je zaslužan za ovakav neverovatno dobar total look outfit? Niko drugi bez nepogrešive Verice Rakočević. Njena dizajnerska vizija je zazlužna za sjajno osmišljenu jesenju kolekciju, a ja sam poludela za svakim komadom posebno. Posebno su mi drage *kamašne! 
Čestitam još jednom Verice, svet je srećan što te ima! Samo da pomenam, vratiću se uskoro po još komada! <3 p="">

Got wind in my hair

VR style

Rockin this outfit

Feeling just right

Boho feelings


I was wearing:

*kamašne - krzneni deo iznad mojih čizama koji se može dodati uz bilo koju obuču

Photos by Marija Andrić

Thanks for coming by lovelies. Feel free to contact me any time at amolusso@yahoo.com if you want to ask me something. I'll always answer your questions. *comments on blog are disabled

25 Sep 2015

Investment dress

This outfit gained many likes on my Instagram profile so I decided to publish all photos also on my blog. What's the fuss about it? Well, firstly it's very simple and it's easy to combine. It's tailor and cut flatter the shilluete, and its mid size just feels right. It's sounds like good piece to invest in right? It's available to purchase in Waggon boutiques word wide.

I've a got a lot of mails from you about my watch I don't ever take off my hand. It's a wood made automatic watch with a see trough mechanism. Sounds good right? The thing I like most about my Jord watch is its turquoise color which is so eye catchy. Won't you agree? My Jord watch is available for purchase here.

Till next post. Xoxo


Prvo što želim da uradim danas ove subote je da čestitam mojoj prijateljici i koleginici Zorani na njenoj knjizi. Z devojko wau! Jako sam srećna zbog tebe i želim potpisani primerak ;)

Ovaj outfit je zadobio mnogo lajkova na mom Instagramu i zato ga delim sa vama i na blogu. Čekaju vas i neobjavljene slike ovde. Evo da počnem, on je jako jednostavan i svako lako može da ga uklopi. U čemu je fora? U kroju, njegovoj dužini i boji. Kroj laska figuri, dužina je jako kulturna i prolazi svuda. Boja je jako zahvalna za kombinovanje i ono što verovatno i vi možete da zaključite je da je ona dobar komad u koji treba investirati. Možete je nabaviti u radnji Waggon u Nušićevoj 8.

Dobila sam dosta mejlova vezano za sat koji nosim svaki dan. Radi se o drvenom časovniku sa providnim i automatskim mehanizmom. Trenutno je on moj izbor broj 1 a ono što mi se najviše dopada kod njega je tirkizni cifarnik. On se savršeno uklopio sa današnjom kombinacijom i Jord sat kao moj možete naručiti ovde. 

Do sledećeg posta. xoxo

I was wearing:
Waggon dress - Nušićeva 8,
Jord watch,
Vintage hat,
Chritian Louboutin stilettos

Photos by Marija Andrić

Luxury Wood Watch Thanks for coming by lovelies. Feel free to contact me any time at amolusso@yahoo.com if you want to ask me something. I'll always answer your questions. *comments on blog are disabled

18 Sep 2015


Hi my lovelies, happy Friday!
As you notice I'm not updating my blog as I used to but that's why we see every day on Instagram
There are a lot of changes in my business life. I'm about to open an atelier of my own. 
With Marija, my photographer these days is completely not possible to arrange a photo shoot due to a lot of obligiation we have  but very soon I'll update you with brand new fall looks ;)

Till then, Xoxo
Ćao drage moje! Kao što već primećujete dugo me nema ovde ali zato sam uz vas svaki dan na Instagramu! Puno promena je trenutno u mom životu na poslovnom planu. Otvaram uskoro atelje o kome će te naravno vi prvi saznati.
Sa Marijom nikako da se potrefimo sa slikanjem zbog mojih i njenih obaveza ali uskoro možete ocekivati nove outfite. Još jedna mala novina je da me od nedavno možete pratiti i na snap chat-u pod imenom amolusso. 

Lep vikend vam želim, do narednog posta! 

I was wearing:
Le Motto skirt,
H&M jeans,
Vintage bag and sunnies,
Gordana Dimitrijević sandals.

Thanks for coming by lovelies. Feel free to contact me any time at amolusso@yahoo.com if you want to ask me something. I'll always answer your questions. *comments on blog are disabled

14 Sep 2015

Just leather

Hi my lovelies! For you today I have a lots of leather. What I mean by this, well you're about to find out. 
Firstly let's talk about this dress... It's from Ines Atelier and it made from real leather. The thing about him it's because it scalps the silhouette, literally. Don't you think? 

The second leather news I wanted to share with you are about this new bag brand I fall in love with. It comes from Portugal, it was born two years ago and by me makes must have bags. This brand name is Ellen Viscius I'll leave more info bellow this post so you can view and explore their Autumn collection. And btw this bags match this outfit pretty much, won't you agree?


4 Sep 2015

Silk dress by Ines Janković

It's always a big pleasure for me to wear clothes designed by Ines Janković. The designes are exquisite, the fabrics are from natural origin and everything is well tailored.
This silk dress is fantasy, it's among my favourites and I highly recommend it because it is a garment you can easily transfer from season to season.

Till next post. Xoxo
Uvek mi je veliko zadovoljstvo da ponesem komade koje potpisuje Ines Janković. Njen rad je veličanstven, materijali su uvek prirodnog porekla i svaka stvar za koju se opredelite je dobro skrojena. Ova svilena haljina je fantastična, među mojim omiljenim je i toplo vam je preporučujem jer je model lako prenosiv iz sezone u sezonu.

Do sledećeg posta. 

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